Piano Lesson


Basic Description

Children that play piano think and behave differently from the other one.

As a Piano Teacher I enjoy a lot the way children get pleasure form their classes. The contact with the classic music allows them to discover a new world.

The students partake in the Annual Concert at Steinway & Sons or Atlantic One At the Point of Aventura.

American Methods: Alfred Bastien-Thompson. Composers from different times.

  • Baroque
  • Classic Composers
  • Bach
  • Haendel
  • Mozart
  • Beethoven
  • Schubert
  • Liszt
  • Debussy
  • Eric Satie
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Basic Description

To play piano exercises our mind and intellect, the movementís coordination of our hands and sight, and encourage beginnerís pianists to penetrate into the world of music. To play piano reduces the stress and raise our self-esteem.

When you play piano you change the relationship with the world and with the culture. You interact with the society, and you feel part of it.


  • John Thompson´s Modern Course. From first and the following course.
  • American Popular Songs. Movies. Broadway Musicals.
  • Latin Music. Boleros. Bossa Nova.
  • Jazz Blues
  • Tango
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Basic Description

To play piano keep us young and active. It gives us joy and welfare. The pianists start to experience the fortune of not feeling alone, to cultivate the time in a healthy and optimistic way. For seniors my reflection is that music is a stress relief, a pain reduction, blood pressure reduction, and tension tamer. Music actives neurons and improves the knowledge.

With adults and seniors I can see how they enter in a new dimension. They choose the circumstance of having a piano and to play it with the themes they want.


  • Piano Music acts as a therapy with Classis and Popular repertoire.
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