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In my large experience I realized that the pianist is a free human being, capable to flight in a figuratively way and interact with the world of Art. At the same time I became aware of the healthy benefits, the physiological impact and the tension tamer of music.

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Lazaro Horta
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Manny Perez
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Caballero - Garber
Tango Dancers - Show
Sergio Puig
Susana Díaz

Artist's Description

Oscar Caballero - Roxana Garber

Oscar Caballero and Roxana Garber work together in the City of Miami, Florida in the United States, since June 2000. As of that moment they are contracted assiduously for the most important events.

The Creators of the tango show "the Streets of Buenos Aires" share the scene with important figures of the local and international artistic atmosphere.

Both arrived to Miami bringing with themselves a great personal experience fruit of their long artistic trajectory. The high level in their performances is the result of an intense training to which they expose themselves every day.

OSCAR CABALLERO and ROXANA GARBER own a studio where they teach Tango and Argentine Dances. Their best students integrate the "Tango Times" Dance Company directed by OSCAR and ROXANA.

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